Why pioneering?

Because we use a combination of local anaesthetic and sedation, instead of general anaesthetic, to repair the hernia so you can walk out of hospital within 2 hours of operation.

 We are open and booking private surgery this month.

Beat NHS waiting times. No delays. Appointments available within 1 week.  We aim to repair your hernia within 3 weeks of contacting us directly.

No GP referral needed

Why for all?

Because our ground-breaking use of local anaesthetic and sedation means vulnerable groups who are typically high risk under a general anaesthetic can be operated on safely and discharged within 2 hours of their operation.

This means we can operate on adults of all ages and all health conditions confidently and successfully within weeks of contacting us.

Through our privately insured or self-funded surgery packages (costs starting from £3,600) and medical loan options available at each hospital, we offer an affordable, efficient and effective solution to hernia problems for adults of all ages.

Patient Reviews

“Once I finally got around to calling Hernia Clinic Hampshire, the rest was very easy. I enjoyed going private, I loved the speed that everything was handled at, I loved the more intimate environment of the clinic and the one to one consultations. Even though I waited many years to get my hernias looked at, in the end it was one of the most stress free things I’ve ever done. That was down to Mr James Kirkby-Bott and all of the wonderful staff.”

My surgery could be done much quicker than via the NHS, whose waiting list I’d been on for over a year, and I was more confident having surgery at a specialist hernia repair clinic.”

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Why choose Hernia Clinic Hampshire ?

Get back to life again quicker

Our patients can expect consultations within a week. Consultations face-to-face, by phone, day and evenings.

And thanks to our pioneering private hernia surgery, our patients benefit from requiring fewer opioid pain killers, which makes recovery smoother and faster than previous hernia repair methods.

Many benefits of choosing Hernia Clinic Hampshire

Gentler on the body

By operating under a local anaesthetic, with sedation, our patients are able to walk out of hospital the same day, and can expect to be able to walk for up to a mile within a week, and carry a light bag of shopping.

Patients can typically meet the legal standard to drive after 10 days.

Skilful and experienced surgeon

Our team is led by the experienced Consultant surgeon Mr James Kirkby-Bott, who is highly respected in this field – local anaesthetic and laparoscopic. At the bottom of this page you’ll find recent feedback and testimonials on the team;

We’re very proud of our satisfied patients.

Lower risk so hernia surgery is available to adults of all ages and all conditions

Our pioneering private hernia surgery is available to all. Please contact us, particularly if you’ve previously been turned down for surgery due to poor health or old age.

Due to our innovative use of local anaesthetic and sedation (more details here) the complications and risks of your hernia repair are greatly reduced.

Competitive fixed-price private packages

For clarity, we offer competitive and comprehensive fixed-price hernia repair packages for self-paying patients (costs from £3,600).

Medical loans offered at each hospital can help spread the cost of your treatment.

We also work with all the major health insurance providers.

Helpful information

We manage your expectations with clear communication and a straightforward process to repair your hernia.

We offer an initial consultation (including by phone if preferred), followed by surgery and a follow-up.

We provide full written details on what to expect, how to manage pain pre-surgery and the aftercare needed, as well as a follow-up consultation.

It’s straightforward

Safe repair, straightforward recovery, and no hidden costs

You choose your care

Choose the best time, date, hospital and treatment for you

Avoid the long NHS queue

Call today to have a consultation this week and surgery within 2-3 weeks

See latest patient comments on:

2022 Award for Kirkby-Bott

“I was very nervous about having an open surgery hernia repair under local anaesthetic, but Mr Kirkby-Bott assured me I would be very relaxed and not feel a thing and that is exactly how it went.

I’m now 5 weeks post-surgery and feeling great, I have to stop myself from over doing things sometimes as I forget I’ve had the surgery done. Can’t thank Mr Kirkby-Bott enough, he is outstanding in his field of surgery.”

– 44yr old male hernia patient

“My surgery was carried out within a few days of being seen, it gave me immediate hope for the start of recovery to better health and recovery without having to wait.

After over a year of uncertainty this was a godsend. I cannot praise everyone who looked after me enough. Thank you.”

“Fast, efficient & reassuring team. 4 months post op & I am back running 100 mile ultra marathons.”

“First class experience – excellent staff, care & attention. Plenty of good written information (& reminders) all along the way – impressive write up on Hernia Clinic Hampshire Website.”

– 69yr old male hernia patient

“From the first consultation – through the lead up to the operation & the post follow up, I am so pleased I had it done. Now I can lead a better life.”

“Very professional in all aspects, you are treated as an individual. Surgeon (Mr. Kirkby-Bott) was excellent and I thank him for his treatment and skill.

The whole team can be rightly proud of their work and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to others, well done all.

To other prospective patients I would simply say, use Hernia Clinic Hampshire you will be in safe hands and get that hernia dealt with sooner rather than later.’”