Hernia clinic hampshire

Private pioneering hernia surgery for all ages

Why pioneering?

Because we use a combination of local anaesthetic and sedation, instead of a general anaesthetic, to repair the hernia so you can walk out of hospital within 2 hours of operation.

No GP referral needed

We are open and booking private surgery this month.

Beat NHS waiting times. No delays. We aim to offer surgery dates within 2-3 weeks of contacting us.

Why for all?

Because our groundbreaking use of local anaesthetic and sedation means vulnerable groups who are typically high risk under a general anaesthetic can be operated on safely and discharged within 2 hours of operation.

This means we can operate on all ages and all health conditions confidently and successfully within weeks of contacting us.

Through our self-pay and privately insured private surgery packages costs starting from £2,956, we offer an affordable, efficient and effective solution to hernia problems for all ages.

Patient Review

I am extremely grateful to Mr Kirkby-Bott and his team for managing to arrange an urgent operation for my hernia. It had become very painful and was preventing my ability to work, so it was with a great sense of relief when I received news of a date for my operation. From my initial consultation through to discharge from the Spire Hospital in Southampton, the level of care and professionalism was exceptional. I felt reassured at every point and followed the thorough preparations laid out before my admission.

I was able to be discharged shortly after my operation after a further consultation with Mr Kirky-Bott and I found this to be of great benefit. I really can’t thank or praise the whole team enough. It has had a life-changing positive effect for me and enabled me to continue helping others through my volunteering efforts during the COVID pandemic. I am eternally grateful.

Thank you so much

Why choose Hernia Clinic Hampshire?

Quicker recovery

Thanks to our pioneering private hernia surgery, patients at the Hernia Clinic Hampshire benefit from requiring fewer opioid pain killers, which makes recovery smoother than was previously the case for hernia repairs.

Many benefits of choosing Hernia Clinic Hampshire

Gentler on the body

By operating under a local anaesthetic, with sedation, our patients are able to walk out of hospital the same day, and can expect to be able to walk for up to a mile within a week, and carry a light bag of shopping.

Patients can typically meet the legal standard to drive after 10 days.

Skilful and experienced surgeon

Our team is led by the experienced Consultant surgeon Mr James Kirkby-Bott, who is highly respected in this field. At the bottom of this page you’ll find recent feedback and testimonials on the team;

We’re very proud of our satisfied patients.

Lower risk so hernia surgery is available to all ages and all conditions

Our pioneering private hernia surgery is available to all. Please contact us, particularly if you’ve previously been turned down for surgery due to poor health or old age.

Due to our innovative use of local anaesthetic and sedation (more details here) the complications and risks of your hernia repair are greatly reduced.

Competitive fixed-price private packages

For clarity, we offer competitive and comprehensive fixed-price hernia repair packages for self-paying patients costs from £2,956. But we also work with all the major health insurance providers.

Helpful information

We manage your expectations with clear communication and a straightforward process to repair your hernia.

We offer an initial consultation (over the phone if necessary), followed by surgery and a follow-up.

We provide full written details on the aftercare needed, as well as a follow-up consultation.

Why choose self-pay private hernia surgery?

It’s straightforward

For common hernia types you can be walking out of hospital the same day and recovery is straightforward

Our clear and competitive fixed cost all-inclusive private hernia surgery package is £2,999 for an inguinal hernia repair. No hidden costs

Safe and effective repair to hernia pain for all ages and medical conditions is monitored by Consultant-level Surgeon  

You choose

  • The consultant-level surgeon that repairs your hernia
  • Appointment time that suits and is rarely cancelled
  • High quality care at one of two private hospitals in Hampshire
  • How we carry out the operation, understanding all the risks

Avoid the NHS queue

We believe life is too short to spend it in discomfort, unable to do the activities you wish, because of a hernia.

With our pioneering private surgery, you don’t have to put your life on hold or make unnecessary compromises.

Appointments are available within one week. No GP referral needed.

Patient Testimonials

See Hernia Clinic Hampshire Facebook page for latest patient comments


Knowing about his skill and care earlier would have saved me a lot of unnecessary hernia pain. Op under local anaesthetic a revelation, easy recovery. Great. Would I recommend this doctor? Yes Five stars for all the staff.

This patient was just retired and had been looking forward to spending time sailing his boat and walking but hernia pain had prevented this. He had been denied a general anaesthetic hernia repair due to a previous heart attack some years earlier. He walked out of hospital after the same day as his hernia repair under local anaesthetic and never looked back he told me.


The private inguinal hernia operation performed under local anaesthetic with minimal disruption to a frail 82 year old man with a leaky heart valve was a great success. If only everyone who needed this operation
could be treated this way.

Mr Kirkby-Bott was very understanding of the situation and his patience in explaining details much appreciated. His aftercare advice was clear and very effective.

Having previously been advised by other surgeons that no hernia operation could be carried out until heart surgery had taken place, which did not because of COVID-19, to now be pain free is fantastic.

This patient had waited 18 months having been told he would need heart surgery to be able to have his hernia repaired under general anaesthetic. The heart surgery was cancelled as he had developed an early dementia but he still had a painful hernia that caused him to be distracted. He had his hernia repair under local anesthetic and sedation. Stayed a total of 3 hours in hospital on the day of surgery and walked out pain free with a repaired hernia. His wife told us at follow up that he was no longer in any pain or distracted. His hernia repair had been a huge help to his quality of life.