Post-Hernia Surgery Rehabilitation Exercises


The day after you have had your surgery, you will be given access to the below rehabilitation exercise videos and handout to help aid your recovery.


Hernia pants can be worn during the exercises if they are causing you discomfort.


Please see the below guidance for following the exercise videos and handout.



Work through one video each day, moving through them as you feel able to.

  • Some people will get to the end of the 5 videos by the end of week 1 post-surgery, others will need a few weeks. It is not a race. Take your time, you should feel comfortable enough to complete them.

  • If the exercises feels too simple, move on to the next video the next day. Make sure it feels comfortable before moving to the next video.

  • If the next video causes pain or too much discomfort, go back to the previous video the next day (repeat this cycle as you feel able).

  • Stop if the pain is too much, but expect to feel the area that has been operated on.


Please go at your own pace.

  • If you were feeling a bit frail or immobile pre-hernia, then progress through the films at a slower pace.

  • Don’t worry if you cannot do all of the exercises, but doing the videos you feel able to (with a little pushing of yourself) will improve your strength and balance.


Perform the exercises for 4-6 weeks.

  • Even if you get to the last one within a week, the strengthening will continue to be helpful.

  • These exercises can be used along with other exercise you would like to undertake.


Using your hernia pants, especially at the start of the program will provide additional support to the muscles, especially in the first 2-4 weeks.

  • Remember, after the operation you will have no natural strength in the repair for 2 weeks. The pants will provide support to the weakened muscle.

  • By 4 weeks it is 50% strong and by 6-8 weeks, 80%.

  • The wound area then continues to remodel for 12+ months after this, during which time your activities will influence how the scar remodels – in particular, lines of tension caused by stretching and exercise.



Please click the links below once we have given you the password to access them: