Why choose self-pay private hernia surgery?

Avoid the NHS queue

We believe life is too short to spend it in discomfort, unable to do the activities you wish to do, because of a hernia.

As of SEPTEMBER 2023, 46% of NHS patients listed for general surgery in SE England waited over 18 weeks for surgery – having waited for an initial appointment!

With our pioneering private surgery, you don’t have to put your life on hold or make unnecessary compromises.

Appointments are available within one week. No GP referral needed.

No Waiting Times for Private Hernia Surgery – Surgery within 4 weeks of contacting us directly

Open extended hours.

Available for private consultations within 7 days of contacting us directly.

Surgery within approx 2-3 weeks.

Call or email us to arrange your appointment.

It’s straightforward

For common hernia types you can be walking out of hospital the same day and recovery is straightforward.

Our clear and competitive fixed cost all-inclusive private hernia surgery package is from £3,600. No hidden costs.

Financing is available from the Spire Southampton Hospital and the Nuffield Health Wessex Hospital.

Safe and effective repair to hernia pain for adults of all ages and medical conditions which is carried out by a Consultant-level Surgeon.

You choose

The consultant-level surgeon that repairs your hernia

The appointment time that suits you and is rarely cancelled

High quality care at one of two private hospitals in Hampshire

How we carry out the operation, understanding all the risks

Call or Email Us Today. No GP Referral Needed.

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