Waiting Times for Private Hernia Surgery   


Open extended hours. Available for private consultations within 7 days of contacting us directly. Surgery within approx 2-3 weeks. No delays if you want to resolve fast.

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Managing hernia pain whilst waiting for surgery


For patients with a confirmed hernia and troubled by hernia pain while they wait for surgery Hernia Clinic Hampshire are recommending a ‘stop gap’ alternative over the course of this period of time with the aim of helping to improve your symptoms.

In order to help reduce the pain we recommend you try a hernia support brief. Unfortunately, the NHS do not always prescribe these. Our past patients have recommended hernia briefs for inguinal and umbilical hernias. See www.herniapants.com and look for the hernia support pants that look like compression boxer shorts for inguinal hernias try product numbers: #515; #516; #316 (available on NHS); #313, for umbilical hernias try #357. Our previous hernia surgery patients have made 2 recommendations:

1) The more tight fitting the better the outcomes.

2) It is helpful if put on while the hernia is reduced. Note you may need to pull them up while lying on your bed to achieve this.

If you would like to buy a pair and see if they work for you we have been able to negotiate a small discount. It is personal to you. To get the code please reply to  [email protected] and we will pass on a discount code to our patients. Please let Hernia Clinic Hampshire know how you get on with them.  

Please read details about hernia surgery procedures with the prevelance of COVID. Please note that we perform hernia surgery in hospitals where they do not look after covid patients.


Symptoms to prompt urgent hernia medical review

Pain in the hernia that you can no longer reduce and may be associated with vomiting and/or a reddening of the overlying skin. 

This combination of symptoms represents an emergency and you should seek urgent medical attention the same day.

 See details on when to repair a hernia for further information



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