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Hernia Clinic Hampshire Patient Testimonials

We ask our patients for feedback and any words of advice for new patients. This is what they have said.

“I was a little apprehensive when Mr Kirkby-Bott told me the operation would be under local anaesthetic but, I was absolutely fine, the desative given completely relaxed me and I don’t remember the surgery at all. Don’t delay having this surgery done, it is 100% worth it!!”

“Local anaesthetic, no discomfort, felt very relaxed throughout – almost euphoric, but that feeling maybe because my problem was being solved. Good aftercare until discharged. (same day) No subsequent problems.”

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“Warm and friendly welcome. Explanation by Consultant and Anaesthetist. Short time spent in hospital back home within 5 hours.” 

“The excruciating pain caused by my injury and its interference with day to day life sought me to find an alternative to the long waiting list for NHS Treatment.”

“Living on the Isle of Wight, convenience was an important factor. From the outset, all communications gave me confidence in the Clinic.”

“The stages of the surgery were clearly explained to me by both the anaesthatist and the surgeon, who were very caring afterwards.” 

“I was made to feel very welcome and the professionalism and attention to detail was outstanding.”

“The hole experience from start to finish was brilliant”

“The information that is available on the website was very comprehensive”

“Treated very well by all concerned. Mr Kirby Bott consultant most help full as we’re all the staff thank you”