Hernia Surgery in Basingstoke

Please read the information on these pages carefully.

We recommend that you reread again while preparing for surgery and during recovery.

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What is a hernia?

A hernia occurs when part of the abdominal contents pushes through a weakness or tear in the abdominal wall muscle or tissue. 
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Can I ignore my hernia pain?

Hernia symptoms affect people in different ways which if the hernias are left alone develop and become more complicated overtime.
groin hernia repair for woman

Groin Hernia Repair for Women

Groin hernias are not a men only disease and are more common in women than people think

How do we repair a hernia?

At the Hernia Clinic Hampshire we recommend having open hernia surgery using local anaesthestic with sedation to repair your hernia.

Can you prevent a groin hernia?

Smoking and being overweight are not usually thought of as causing hernias but they are linked to the failure of hernia repair and hernia recurrence
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What happens after hernia surgery?

Thanks to our pioneering procedure, recuperation and recovery from hernia surgery is uncomplicated and quicker.

Hernia Surgery Information

All the information you need to make an informed choice about hernia surgery is within HerniaClinicHampshire.com and is part of the consenting process. If after reading this a couple of times you still have questions about your hernia repair please email them to us prior to your surgery so we can answer them and make sure you are comfortable with and understand what you are agreeing to and why.


We will go through a consent form and both sign what we have agreed to on the day of surgery, but you must not leave it to the day of surgery to feel informed about your decision. If you decide against surgery you need to appreciate the consequences of that decision too.


How to manage hernia pain whilst waiting for surgery. Click to read more about our surgery availabillity and managing pain.


How has COVID changed our hernia surgery. Click to read more.


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When can I fly post surgery? Read NHS guidelines


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