Y! Clinic

Our new hernia service

More Affordable Price

Hernia Clinic Hampshire is now pleased to be launching a new more affordable hernia repair service. Our clinic is now also being hosted at a newly built clinic called Y Clinic near Fareham, Hampshire.

Why a new service?

The Y! all-inclusive surgery package (exc initial consultation) starts at £1,500 for an inguinal hernia repair. Over the past years, we have noticed how quickly our local anaesthetic with sedation hernia patients recover, ready to walk out of hospital and go home within an hour of surgery. So we can now offer a new hernia repair service to a large proportion of our patients at a lower cost.

The Hernia Surgical Specialists

The Y! Clinic is a newly built and very comfortable environment offering the highest standards of clinical care. Your surgery is still performed by our experienced consultant surgeon, using the same well-evidenced and developed ‘Hernia Clinic Hampshire Way’ to hernia repair and recovery.

Patients having a local anaesthetic hernia repair with sedation frequently don’t always need detailed pre-admission processes and can walk out of the hospital within 60 minutes as they have never had problems passing urine which was traditionally the reason for patients staying longer. The sedation wears off within 5-10 minutes and patients are pain free from the local anaesthetic for 6-12 hours after surgery which is long enough to get home to comfy chair and familiar surroundings.

What kind of patient is suited to Y! Clinic?

– The Y! Clinic is only available to self-funding patients. Insurance companies are not covered. 

– We are starting our hernia service at Y! Clinic aimed primarily at people requiring hernia repairs to be able to get back to their activities sooner – work or play.

– We want to help you avoid waiting a year (or more) for an NHS operation. 

How this venue offers a different level of service

Hernia surgery is low risk so saving money on the extra comforts does not impact the quality of your repair.

We will continue to offer our high quality clinical hernia repair surgery. This services is offered without some of the extra comforts such as your own ensuite bedroom, entertainment facilities and fully catered offer. 

The important difference in these two services is that our private hospitals have in-patient beds and can offer a 24/7 service for answering queries and liaising with us to review problems. We do not have this service Y! Clinic. 

You can call us and leave a message and we will get back to you in working hours and can arrange clinic reviews, but we cannot offer 24/7 advice. 

If you required, this level of emergency care you would need to use the NHS 111 service and/or your local emergency department facility.


If there is any increased probability that you would need a higher level of service we will advise you to have surgery at one of our traditional private hospitals. We will determine the route best for you at your initial consultation.